Why You Should Move To Monthly Billing For Client Work

Monthly billing…

Wouldn’t that be nice?

To have a constant stream of money flowing into your business


If you’ve run a web business or been freelancing for a while, you know that cash-flow is as important as your revenue when it comes to running a healthy business.

Billing monthly helps immensely with creating a healthy cash-flow.

It also lets you create an actual forecast of what future earnings would actually be. You will know in March, what August and September will look like.

But how do you make the move to monthly billing?

In this article, I´ll give you one advice on just that.

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Infographic: The 10 Most Popular Google Fonts

Even though not the first (and in my opinion, not the best web font provider) it’s hard to argue against Google Fonts having a tremendous impact on the modern web.

Since its release in 2011 it has helped countless website owners better their typography… and all for free.

Here are the 10 most viewed Google Fonts:

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How To Get Paid Once Your Designs Are Done

Ahh, the end of a project. You’re super happy because you’ve produced a piece of work that is functional and beautiful.

How To Get Paid For Final Web Designs

At this time, many designers sit down and fire away an email with the files to their clients right away. Or maybe they send an email setting up a meeting.

Creatives tend to do these things. They simply get excited. They get so excited about their designs that they want their client to see their beautiful work NOW!

But this is seldom a good thing. Once finished you should take a breather (whether your bank account tells you not to).  Never just send things out before you’ve protected yourself and the work you’ve done.

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3 Easy Tips on How To Sell Web Design To Clients More Convincingly

Have you ever presented and tried to sell a web design which in your eyes was friggin perfect?

How To Sell Web Design

Only to have your client or your boss, or worse, co-workers shoot it down.

I bet you have. This happens to a lot of designers. Especially designers who haven’t been at it for a very long time. Or designers who’ve been shielded by managers.

In other words, designers who hardly ever present their own designs. Or designers who present in an unconvincing way. They all have problems selling web designs convincingly.

Here are three tips on how to sell web design more convincingly and at the same time really assert yourself as the expert in your field.

Free Bonus: Click here to download a checklist that helps you prepare yourself to present & sell more convincingly.

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How To Create New Revenue Streams (A Guide)

How To Create New Revenue Streams

Have you ever thought about creating new revenue streams for your business?

Preferably a revenue channel that repackages what you already know in a new way to a new set of clients?

I bet you have.

And I bet some of you probably already have some setup. But some of you probably want to.

In this article, I’ll share a simple and actionable guide for creating new revenue streams.

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How To Become A Full Stack Marketer

Full Stack MarketerThere’s no doubt about it. The web design industry is changing fast for both web designers and web agencies.

The reason why?

Small web agencies are moving up the market and larger agencies are moving down the market in order to find work.

The result?

A spectacular clash in an overcrowded market where too many agencies fight for the same projects. But there’s another big shift unfolding:

Digital design is becoming less about designing web pages and more about designing coherent user experiences across multiple digital channels.

On a global market, there are many, very good web designers. This means web designers are not in scarcity.

That’s why many web designers should, maybe, consider reeducating/rebranding/repositioning themselves as full-stack marketers with UX skills.

w00t! I hear you whining already :-)

“Me the designer, converting myself into a marketer? Never!”

But here’s the kicker:

Free Bonus: Click here to download the free plan outlined in this article which helps you get started on building your digital marketing skills.

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If You’re A Web Designer You Might Want To Do This To Stay Employable

If you haven’t lived under a rock there’s a chance you’ve noticed an increase in articles stating the death of web design firms and that web designers needs to specialize to survive.

Dramatic wordings indeed but you know what? It’s most probably true…

Running a web design business IS getting harder. The market is changing fast and many agencies and web designers now need to adapt… or face a difficult future. So why is this happening?

Let’s review some of the principal reasons:

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An Easy Process For User Research Interviews That You Need To Try

People who do great user research do two things very well:user research interviews

First, they identify the most relevant people who sits on information they need.

Second, they put a 100% into making sure they conduct a super-efficient user research interview. An interview where they get all the information they  need. And more.

Having good insights into the target audience of a web project is like having a secret weapon. Not doing ANY user research interviews is simply begging to get things wrong.


Because the more you know about your audience, the easier it will be to design a solution which converts. And because in the end, the job of web design is about converting visitors to purchases, leads or downloads.

Free Bonus: Click here to get access to a free PDF checklist which will help you optimize your user research interview environment.

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This Simple Hack Will Let You Help Your Clients Convert 10x Better On Pop-ups

The last few years, pop-up boxes like this have had a renaissance:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 14.55.53

They’re used for everything from asking people to sign up for emails, answering surveys to downloading free resources.

Are they annoying?

Yes. Without a doubt.

Do they work?

Hell yes. Absolutely no doubt about it.

In 2015, if you’re not at least testing pop-up boxes to increase your client’s conversion rates, you’re doing your client a disservice. Because in the end. Your most important job is to convert website visitors to customers

But hey, I bet you’re already experimenting with pop-up boxes! And if you are you’re probably creating layouts like this:


These pop-up boxes basically only ask you to opt-in.

Now, let me tell you a secret:

By just giving visitors one button, to opt-in, you’re most probably leaving qualified leads on the table.

Here’s the deal:

As Joanna Wiebe says in this excellent article:

“Most of our opt-ins are active and opt-outs are passive.”

So, why would this be a problem you ask?

Well, it turns out that only asking visitors to opt-in is not sufficient.

Without going all Freud on you, what’s happening is that:

When visitors don’t face consequences of not signing up the easiest thing for them to do is to opt-out and reject your awesome offer, not opt-in. And that’s not what you want. In short, not taking action at all is easier than taking action. That’s just how people are wired. Science baby!

But here’s the kicker:

By simply adding an opt-out option like this:


you will most probably increase your sign-up rates. And significantly at that It, like they say, “just works”.

Or like Wiebe says:

“Stop giving your prospects a choice as if consequences are not built in. As if that makes you a nice guy.”


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