44 Awesome Resources For Sketch

Awesome resources for Sketch

The Sketch.app is slowly but surely winning over more and more UI designers to their camp. It is well deserved. The flexibility of Sketch makes it a fantastic design tool.

The fact that everything is vector makes things like editing shape points or duplicating middle portions a thing of yesterday. In a world of glass, where designing for multiple resolutions is the norm, features like infinite zooming becomes a must.

Here’s a humble list of some awesome resources (forty-four to be exact) for you to make the most out of Sketch.  This list is in no way categorised it’s just a heavenly mix of plug-ins and learning resources. Hope you enjoy it!

Sketch SubtlePatterns – Import Subtle Patterns as shape fills
Day Player – Create placeholder images
LRTGenerator Sketch Plugins – Plugin scripts for generating object collections
Fully Scaleable iOS Devices – Make the devices as big (or as small) as you want
Dynamic Button – Create buttons with fixed paddings
Sketch Colorful Gradients – Import gradients as shape fills
Sketch Keyboard Shortcuts – Enhance your flow, one keystroke at a time
Generate ICNS – Generate Apple Icon Image
Sketch Measure> – A measure tool for measurements & design specs
Rename It – Rename layers like a boss
AEFlowchart – Easy and fast flowcharts
Page Switch – Quickly switch between pages using shortcuts
The A-Z of Sketch – The A-Z of Sketch (duh!)
Swap Fill & Border – Swap the fill and border color for all selected layers
Lorum Ipsum for Sketch – Quickly generate Lorem Ipsum text
Apple Watch Sketch Template – Kinda self explanatory
Content Generator – Generate dummy data such as avatars, names, photos, geo data etc
Sketch Commands – A collection of script commands
Sketch Android Assets – Generate Android assets
Clear Styles – Clear all layer style properties
Sketch Dev Tools – A set of tools for Sketch plugin developers
Android Lollipop Material Design UI kit – a UI kit obviously :-)
Sketch Design Quotes – Get random quotes from quotesondesign.com within your Sketch app
Sketch Toolbox – A super simple plugin manager
Sketchcasts – A weekly screencast covering Sketch
Sketch Tool – A command-line app for exporting pages and slices out of .sketch docs
Master Sketch – The web’s first educational resource devoted to Sketch
Learn Sketch 3 – The book on Sketch
Who Uses Sketch? – Well,  a list of those who uses Sketch
The Complete iOS Design Course with Sketch – Learn UI/UX design by building apps, creating logos, and developing your sense as a designer
Matter – Expanding UI Kit
UI8 Premium Collection of Sketch Resources – One of the best collections here
Sketch iOS Mirror – Preview your designs on your iOS devices while you work on them
Sketch Charts plugin – Easy & Fast Fake Charts
Sketch Split & Divide – A nice plugin to split & divide shapes
Font Awesome Symbols for Sketch – All the goodness of Font Awesome in easily accessible symbols
Duplicator  – Plugin that allows quickly duplicate selected layers in a specified direction
Generate GIF – Generate animated GIFs from a sequence of artboards
Color Contrast Analyser for Sketch – Calculate the color contrast of two layers and evaluates it against the WCAG
Sketch Slicy – Export groups and layers by naming layers
Sketch Dock Preview – Preview your current art-board in the Dock
Framer Generator Sketch Beta – The first beta of Framer Generator with Sketch support
Web brand images – A template for every web brand image size known to mankind
Blade – Automatically generate HTML

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