The “How To Calculate Your Hourly Rate” Free Email Course

How To Calculate Your Hourly Rate Email Course

On this blog our idea is to publish content that helps modern web designers improve the way they run their web agencies. From running efficient design presentations to getting good client feedback (we even wrote a book on that subject).

Today, continuing in that spirit, we’re publishing a brand spanking new and free email course!

We’ve noticed that many small web businesses (freelancers and small web agencies) struggle with estimating  project budgets.
The root of the problem is often failure to calculate a realistic hourly rate.

We sat down to put together a comprehensive email course. Four lessons showing you how to calculate your hourly rate.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • Calculate your base salary.
  • Calculate how many hours
  • Calculate your breakeven rate
  • Calculate your profit margin

Sign up for the free How To Calculate Your Hourly Rate Email Course here. It’s free, but we’d love you to share with others that you think would benefit from it. So please spread the word.


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