70 Great Design Collaboration Tools

design collaboration tools

Design collaboration tools helps avoid misunderstandings

Remote work is getting more and more common and the design process is gradually changing with it. This fact has led to an explosion in new design collaboration tools. Any design process that is being run in the email inbox runs a great risk of being derailed because of frequent misunderstandings.

We decided to compile a list of tools which makes it easier to collaborate and get feedback on design work.

We hope that among these design collaboration tools you’ll find one that will help you collaborate more efficiently on design work both remotely but also in-house.

The criteria for picking these tools was that the tool had to have features for design collaboration but also be useful in a web design process. Please share links to any tools that we’ve missed in the comments below!

1. Feedbag

feedbag - design collaboration tools
A no-frills design collaboration tool that is super lightweight. Upload an image, share it and start annotating it.

2. Proofmini

proofmini - design collaboration tools
As you can hear in the name, this tool is another take on the “upload image, annotate it, and share with others” process.

3. Prevue

prevue - design collaboration tools
Image sharing and preview tool for designers and agencies. Plain and simple!

4. Kivo

kivo - design collaboration tools
This tool takes a somewhat different approach from the tools already mentioned. With Kivo you create a page where anyone you invite can view and annotate files in real-time.


cmyk - design collaboration tools
Another super-easy to use design collaboration tool for images. Much like Proofmini or Redpen. Upload an image and discuss it with others.

6. Red Pen

red pen - design collaboration tools
With this tool you simply upload a file and start annotating the image. It makes collaborating together with your team on visuals very fast.

7. Flatsies

flatsies - design collaboration tools
Flatsies works much like Red Pen and lets you collaborate on design remotely together with clients in a simple and elegant way. It’s also retina ready.

8. Defolio

defolio - design collaboration tools
“Designer’s little helper”. Great positioning from Defolio. Apart from the design collaboration tools you’ve come to expect from a tool like this, Defolio also includes some interesting community features.

9. Glui

glui - design collaboration tools
This mac app lets you capture a screenshot from the menu bar icon which you then can quickly annotate and share with others. Fast, easy, efficient.

10. Monosnap

monosnap - design collaboration tools

This works much like Glui and is like Skitch on steroids. Make a screenshot, draw on it and then share it. It’s free.

11. Bounce

bounce - design collaboration tools
This tool is very interesting in that it lets you enter a URL, Bounce then takes a screenshot of it which you can annotate immediately and send to others who can read your comments and add their own.

12. Droplr

droplr - design collaboration tools
This service has been around for a while now and is available on multiple platforms.  It has some great extra features like self-destructing droplets or reaction gifs. Stable. Does the job.

13. Usersnap

usersnap - design collaboration tools
This collaboration tool is a more advanced version of Bounce. It lets you take screenshots of webpages and annotate them. It also has a dashboard where you can organise feedback and bug reports easily.

14. Bugmuncher

bugmuncher - design collaboration tools
This tool allows users to highlight problems on websites and the tool then automatically creates a screenshot and sends it to you. Works much like Bounce or Usersnap.

15. Notable

notable - design collaboration tools
This tool is an extension of the Bounce tool and adds more functionality to it. Recommended.

16. GoVisually

govisually - design collaboration tools
GoVisually is a powerful tool that lets you organise your projects, designs and iterations together with collaborators in one place.

17. Concept Inbox

conceptinbox - design collaboration tools
This service lets you discuss on design & video pieces visually. You can also track design changes. It also comes with prototyping tools to use together with your team and your clients.

18. FrameBench

framebench - design collaboration tools
Framebench claims to be the easiest way to view, annotate and collaborate over any file (a claim a lot of these services do…)  That being said, it has great collaboration functionalities and a neat functionality that lets you scribble and draw over files.

19. UXPin

uxpin - design collaboration tools
UXPin is a UX design platform. They’ve been around for a while and is together with Invision probably one of the most powerful solutions available. UXpin includes wireframing, prototyping, commenting. They’ve also published a set of great ebooks that are very recommended.

20. InvisionApp

invision - design collaboration tools
Invision is a prototyping, collaboration and workflow platform. It has a powerful project management feature that allows project stakeholders to play around with prototypes.

21- Frontify

frontify - design collaboration tools
Frontify positions themselves as a service for unified ux and design management. It’s specialised for creating living design guideline documents. Also has tools for prototyping and design reviews. Very well designed.

22. Zeplin

zeplin - design collaboration tools
This tool specialises in streamlining the collaboration process between UI designers and front-end developers It’s in closed beta but looks very promising.

23. Viewflux

viewflux - design collaboration tools
This tool specialises in improving the quality of design feedback agencies gets from clients. Apart from functionalities for giving visual feedback they also have a prototype tool and design versioning.

24. Cage

cage - design collaboration tools
This service has an interesting feature that lets you present and share work within their service. A great extension to the other functionalities which includes versioning and project management.

25. ProofHQ

proofhq - design collaboration tools
This service is probably the leading tool for marketing teams. It lets teams streamline the review and approval process for different types of creative assets.

26. Notism

notism - design collaboration tools
This service, apart from design versioning and real-time presentations, also lets you annotate videos. It also sports a solid task management system.

27. Influence

influence - design collaboration tools
This is the latest design tool from the team at Zurb. Influence works great for presenting design mockups, visuals and presentation in order to get actionable feedback from both team and clients.

28. Layervault

layervault - design collaboration tools
Layervault is the company behind Designer News. Very stable service and I especially like their narrative take on design discussions.

29. Pixelapse

pixelapse - design collaboration tools
This service an impressive range of functionalities, from version control to powerful collaboration tools. They also have a vibrant community of designers.

30. Conceptly

design collaboration tools - conceptly
This tool is a collaboration and wireframing platform. They have a great feature in what they call “Feedback Types”. A smart way to classify feedback.

31. Juntoo

design collaboration tools - juntoo
This is the tool we’re building. It lets you have review and discuss designs that are live. It’s just like putting sticky notes on webpages.

32. Pageproofer

design collaboration tools - pageproof
You will have to install a javascript snippet on a domain when that is done you can comment webpages on that domain.

33. Trackduck

design collaboration tools - trackduck
This tool lets you collaborate visually on comments on live webpages. Like Bugherd or Pageproofer you need to install a js-file on your domain.

34. Bugherd

design collaboration tools - bugherd
Bugherd lets you capture client feedback, resolve issues and manage projects visually.

35. Marvelapp

design collaboration tools - marvel
This is app is a straight-forward way to turn your sketches and images into mobile and web prototypes. Works for both mobile and web-app prototyping.

36. Balsamiq

design collaboration tools - balsamiq
This service is one of the very first mockup/wire-framing services. It’s straight-forward and easily lets you work remotely with other project stakeholders on interactive mockups. Has a great Skype integration.

37. Mockingbird

design collaboration tools - mockingbird
Mockingbird’s been around for a while as well, and it’s not going anywhere! A no-frills service that might not look very sexy but is very stable. Recommended!

38. Wireframe

design collaboration tools - wireframe
This wireframe tool is the cool smaller brother of Balsamiq and Mockingbird. Getting started with it is very easy. They have a great free version and the paid version gives you access to functionalities such as versioning.

39. FluidUI

design collaboration tools - fluidui
FluidUI is specialised in mobile prototyping. It has an incredible range of over 3,500 mobile, tablet, desktop & wearable widgets to jumpstart your prototyping.

40. Proto.io

design collaboration tools - proto
“UI prototyping for the space age”. That’s how this service positions itself. Just like FluidUI it is specialised in mobile prototyping. It has a great feature that lets you create your own animations.

41. Mockflow

design collaboration tools - mockflow
MockFlow is a platform for designers to plan, build and share work. Some unique features on Mockflow is the possibility to create animated banners and design pdf brochures together.

42. Precursor

design collaboration tools - precursor
This is a very slick tool that lets you prototype together with others super fast. Perfect for initial rapid prototyping. Recommended.

43. Pidoco

design collaboration tools - picodo
This prototyping software for creating clickable wireframes has some great collaboration features but also a very smart templating system.  The service also has some feature for usability testing.

44. Protoshare

design collaboration tools - protoshare

45. Justinmind

design collaboration tools - justinmind
This is a very powerful tool with some great functionalities for design collaboration but also some really interesting solutions for business logic, forms, and datagrids. Also has an API and a SDK if you want to create your own integrations.

46. Codiqa

design collaboration tools - codiqa
Codiga is a a powerful drag-and-drop builder for creating cross-platform HTML5 mobile apps and websites. Specialised for JQuery Mobile Apps

47. Indigo Studio

design collaboration tools - indigo
This is a prototyping tool which also has an interesting storyboarding feature. Design narratives are very often overlooked, which makes this tool more interesting.

48. Hotgloo

design collaboration tools - hotgloo
Hotgloo has been around for a long time and is one of the very first collaborative prototyping tools. Has some great tools for collaborative client review sessions.

49. FileSquare

design collaboration tools - filesquare
This tool has the basic features you expect from a tool like this.

50. POP

design collaboration tools - pop
Super simple tool that lets you craft interactive prototypes out of your paper sketches. Brilliant idea and great execution. Recommended.

51. Prott

design collaboration tools - prott
Prott’s USP includes the phrase “Radical Collaboration”. Not really sure what that is but it sounds rad!

52. Solidify

design collaboration tools - solidify
This tool is from the same company that does Notable and Bounce. It’s basically for multi-device prototyping. It has some great tools for gaining insights into user behaviour.

53. Flinto

design collaboration tools - flinto
Flinto works much in the same way as Marvel. An easy way to create prototypes from sketches and collaborate on them.

54. WhiteboardFox

design collaboration tools - whiteboardfox
Super-fast online whiteboard with real-time syncing which also works great on mobile.

55. Smart Kapp

design collaboration tools - smartkapp
This is a very interesting reinvention of the traditional dry-erase boards and flip-charts. It’s a basically a internet connected whiteboard which lets you share your whiteboard scribbles in realtime to up to 250 participants.

56. RealtimeBoard

design collaboration tools - realtimeboard
This service is “your regular whiteboard reinvented for a better online experience”. A great tool which lets do remote collaborative brainstorming sessions.

57. Murally

design collaboration tools - murally
This service is an incredibly powerful tool that is more than a online whiteboard. They have some great collaborative features like voting which speeds up decision processes.

58. Rocketboard

design collaboration tools - rocketboard
This service lets you share your whiteboard in real-time via your mobile phone. Very interesting solution which doesn’t force you into investing in any new hardware.

59. Ziteboard

design collaboration tools - ziteboard
This visual collaboration tool makes design meetings more productive and shorter. Very easy to get started with.

60. LucidChart

design collaboration tools - lucidchart
This tool is the leader in collaborative diagramming. It also allows you to chat with the team in real time or leave comments directly in the document. Great Google integration.

61. Moqups

design collaboration tools - moqups
This tool also has great Google integration. Apart from that, it’s your basic mockup tool, very stable and has the collaboration features you would expect from a tool like this.

62. Baiboard

design collaboration tools - baiboard
Apart from having a great collaborative whiteboard functionality, this tool also allows for collaborative annotations of pdf documents. Recommended.

63. StoryboardThat

design collaboration tools - storyboardthat
As mentioned earlier in this post, design narratives are often overlooked in the design process. This tool says they’re “The World’s Best Online Storyboard Creator”. Maybe they’re the only storyboard tool? Interesting idea anyway.

64. Memosort

design collaboration tools - memosort
A more “nerdy” tool. Memosort is a tool for affinity diagramming & brainstorming. Has a voting tool that makes the decision process faster.

65. Talky

design collaboration tools - talky
This is a basic video chat and screen sharing for small groups that does that job. Very good for setting up ad-hoc design presentations where you want to see each others faces and screen at the same time.

66. Screenleap

design collaboration tools - screenleap
This is a screen-sharing tool that is getting more and more popular. And understandably so.  You can quickly share your screen and passive viewers don’t have to download anything. Great tool, very recommended.

67. Join.me

design collaboration tools - joinme
Join.me works great when you’re out of the office and want to do a quick remote design presentation. A very popular tool.

68. Skype

design collaboration tools - skype
Skype. It’s forever…

69. Google Hangouts

design collaboration tools - hangouts
Google hangouts works much like join.me great for doing design presentation or maybe when you need to go through an admin together with a client. It’s Google, it’s good.

70. Screenhero

design collaboration tools - screenhero
This tools is a super powerful tool to use when you do screen sharing for collaboration in teams. You can design and code together remotely. Very recommended