Our new ebook: How To Present Web Design & Get Better Client Feedback


We’ve only published content on the Juntoo blog for about five months but we’re already at 30 published articles. It seems as we’ve hit a nerve with the type of content we’ve been producing.

We’ve consciously published content that helps modern web designers with the more obscure parts of being a professional web designer. The things that are not very often discussed on other web design blogs. We’ve particularly focused on writing about design presentations, how to get good client feedback and methodologies for running an efficient web agency.

Blog posts are not always the best medium for in-depth articles so we sat down to put together a book that collects our best thoughts and ideas on how to present web design and get better client feedback. We believe anybody who makes a living designing for the web, or presenting designs to clients can benefit from it.

So, that’s that! Get How To Present Web Design and Get Better Client Feedback here. It’s free, but we’d love you to share with others that you think would benefit from it. So please spread the word.


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