How To Stick-To-It When Running A Web Design Business

Running a web design business

I think you´ll agree with me when I say:

Running a small web design business can be REALLY tough work. Finding new business, getting paid, managing clients, presenting designs etc.

But does it really have to be that much struggle?

There are few things any web design business owner can do to improve their chances of running a business that lasts a long time.

In todays post I´m going to go through three things…three things that any web business can do to add years to their existence.

1. If you make sure you learn from your mistakes, you simply cannot avoid building a stronger business

When you encounter obstacles that have a serious effect on your business (your bottom-line or culturally) you should sit down immediately and analyze what went wrong.

Postponing this analysis is potentially very harmful to your business because the longer you wait, the higher the possibility becomes of committing the same mistake again.

Here´s two things you can do:

  1. If other members of your team is directly involved, have a meeting where you do a post-mortem on the situation and write down and agree on guidelines on how to deal with the situation in the future.
  2. If what went wrong is a process that often gets repeated it’s a good idea to create a checklist that you can easily access and put into action.

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2. Do more of the stuff that already works

Running a small web design business means that you will have to wear multiple hats and it’s very easy to get side-tracked and start doing things that most often are not that important.

When you find yourself doing things of less importance do this:

Stop and get back to doing more of the things that work… simple as that.


You probably attracted business in the first place because of two or three core skills or products.
If they work and they generate business why should you do other things?

If you feel that things are getting complicated, take a step back and see if you are focusing on your core competency. If not, ask yourself why and get back to it as quick as possible.

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3. Define your “one big thing”

Maybe more important than anything else when navigating stormy waters is for your business to have a core concept in place.
This might feel obvious but is it obvious for your prospective clients (or even your own team)?

If you don’t have one guiding idea of why your business exists you should sit down and define it asap.

Here’s why:

Having a well defined concept will help you maintain the course when things get rough.

This concept needs to be something you are deeply passionate about.

Something that you know you can do very well, and something generates a profit.

It might very well be that you actually still haven’t defined your “one big thing” and even more important, implanted the idea in hearts and minds of your team members. If so, take this weekend to sit down and define it.

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That’s three things that you can do today in order to stick-to-it and ensure a healthy web design business.

Remember that building a business is an adventure and a lot of hard work.

And if you are just starting you should know that it takes on an average three years to build a business.

Now get back to building your business!

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