Some Of The Most Popular Posts on the Juntoo Blog

There are quite a few new readers on the Juntoo blog and a lot of you probably missed out on some of our older, most popular posts.

So here’s a quick round-up of some of the most read and commented articles on the Juntoo blog.

1. Why The Card UI Is The Next Big Interaction Paradigm

In this blog post we took a hard look at the emergence of the card UI, it’s origins and where it’s going next (hint; everywhere).

2. 20 Awesome Chrome Extensions For Web Designers

Since Juntoo is a Chrome extension, we thought we’d list other ones that we think are great.

3. A UX checklist For Web Projects

A handy infographic detailing the most important UX processes for any web project.

4. 70 Great Design Collaboration Tools

This blog post took a long time to put together. 70! great design collaboration tools. (Are there anymore?..)

5. 9 Insanely Useful JavaScripts For Web Typography

Some great JavaScripts that will take your web typography one step further.

6. In Responsive Web Design, Screen Size Needn’t Dictate All Your Design Decisions

Why taking design decisions solely with screen size in mind might not (always) be the best idea.

7. Tips On Collecting Late Payments From Clients Faster

In this blog post we’ve collected some very useful email templates for collecting payments from clients faster

8. Rapid Prototyping For Web Design

An article on how rapid prototyping can be applied to web design

9. 30 Web Design Podcasts That Will Help You Become A Better Designer

Web design podcasts where heavyweight web pros reveal how they run their web agencies are a great source of inspiration. We decided to list 30 of the best.

10. 44 Awesome Resources For Sketch

A humble list of some awesome resources for you to make the most out of Sketch.